Pace - App Cafe

Project: Pace AppCafe
Development of set-top-box (STB) embedded UI widget application distribution and management platform. (Whole development)
Pace Americas is a leading manufacturer of cable set-top-boxes.
Project enables cable subscribers access to popular Web-based applications via their set-top box for the first time, increasing the range of entertainment available via the television set.
The project has several components such as embedded widget management application running on STB, widgets, back-end services to support platform and portals to manage platform and operators.

Responsibilities include:
-UI Design and development of Creative High-end STB widget management application using Macromedia Flash Lite 3.1
-Design and development of more than 15 creative widgets (Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Flicker, Finance, Weather, Sports, Games) using Macromedia Flash Lite 3.1
-UI Design and development of ClearLeap Video on Demand widget for platform
-Design and development of back-end services to manage and support end users
-Design and development of portals to support clients and operators
-Design and documentation of Application Development Kit and Simulator to allow developers build their own widgets
-UX research, collect feedback and modify UI.
Platform, tools and technology: Windows 2008 R2 Standard (2x VPS), MSSQL 2008 R2 Express, Asp.Net 2.0, IIS 7.0, Adobe Flash Lite, Adobe Photoshop, bugzilla.

Project: Cable Portal
Deployment management platform for set top box firmware
The portal facilitates cable operators firmware downloads for different STB devices and allows management of technical support requests

Platform, tools and technology: Windows 2008 R2 Standard (2x VPS), MSSQL 2008 R2 Express, MySQL, Asp.Net 2.0, IIS 7.0

Project: Microsoft Mediaroom Application Development
Development of test application for remote control functionality for STBs using Microsoft Mediaroom.

Responsibilities include:
-Development of test application using Microsoft Mediaroom Framework
-Validation of the remote control functionality on Mediaroom ADK Simulator, Server Management Tool and Personal Mediaroom Server
-Defect management and triage with technical support team

Platform, tools and technology: ASP.NET 2.0, C#, IIS 7.0

Microsoft Mediaroom test applications;
-Developing Microsoft Mediaroom PF Test application and testing on ADK Simulator, SMT and Personal Mediaroom Server. Helping technical support team to solve problems and bugs.

-Developing internal message board management applications for global locations. Various Mobile applications for shows and projects (Android)

Project: UI Design for various broadband router, set-top-box
- Creative UI web and Mediaroom applications for Pace, AT&T, CenturyLink brand routers using html, xsl, xml and

  • Tools and technology: Adobe photoshop, Adobe Flash Lite - Action Script, Premiere, HTML 5, Jquery,IIS 7.0, MsSQL Server 2008 R2, 3x VPS Windows Server 2008 R2,XML,JSON,Text
  • Link:
Tested on Chrome, Firefox, IE6, IE7, IE8, Opera, Safari.
Responsive design, optimized for Mobile


User Portal

Users can set application permissions, follow news on user portal.

Management and Cable Operator Portal

Portal admins can able to create tier sets for operator,manage applications, tracks versions and launch dates. Operators can able to add/remove devices, create their own tiers, and manage client applications, permissions.

Widget Launch Bar

Clients can launch desired application

Application Manager & Settings

Clients can install/uninstall applications.

Application Manager & Settings

Clients can view for new available applications.

Application Manager & Settings

Application installation steps.

Application Manager & Settings

Clients can change profile and default settings.

VOD Application

Sample VOD Application for 3rd Part.

VOD Application

Sample VOD Application for Pace.

Facebook Widget Application

Facebook widget application, clients can use their own facebook account with full available REST/GRAPH functionality.

Finance-Stock Widget Application

Stock widget application, clients can add/remove desired stock option and follow real time stock market.

Twitter Widget Application

Twitter widget application, clients can use their own twitter account with full available REST functionality.

Weather Widget Application

Weather widget application, clients can get daily/weekly weather information by location or zip code.

YouTube Application

Clients can discover and watch any youtube videos and search videos by autocomplete functionality.

YouTube & Mobile Device Integration

Clients can continue to watch movies at current time on mobile/tablet devices or transfer TV vice versa.

Pandora Application

Clients can login their own Pandora Account and play/search streams on pandora.

Picasa Application

Clients can login their own picasa account and display photos/videos or create slideshow.

Customer Central Application

Clients can pay operator bills and upgrade/downgrade their account.

Security Camera

Clients can watch competible home security cameras on the TV.

BlackJack Game

Clients can play single user BlackJack game on the TV.

Higher & Lower Game

Clients can play higher&lower game on the TV

Ebay Deals Application

Clients can browse current abay deals on the TV.

Developer SDK

Developer SDK tool for who interest the develop application for STB. Developers can install and test their own application in to their STB.

UPNP Sync Sample Application

Desktop/Mobile application for discovering other media devices in network and play streams on the device.

CenturyLink - prism

Microsoft Mediaroom instruction PF Application

at&t - Diagnostic

Microsoft Mediaroom PF Application

at&t - Broadband Router

xsl,html ruoter interface

USB UIRT - Remote Control Learn & Test Application

VB.NET Application for multiple remote controls. Application captures and send using USB UIRT device.